what a predicament!

three words: zara. sequin. blazer.

below: images that show the beautiful: zara. sequin. blazer.

image via The Blonde Salad

image via my pinterest

image via The Blonde Salad

the predicament: while in NYC and blissfully shopping in Zara, I bought this blazer! Perfect size and fit! A little out of the box for me, but with my obvious love of sequins lately, I was excited to have it. I hadn’t (at that time) seen any bloggers wearing it – this always helps me figure out how to wear different pieces. Ben may have said the words “Michael Jackson Blazer” when he saw it, but he was all for me keeping it if I liked it! Well, I started to have doubts. (foolish me). So the next day while shopping on 5th, I returned it and instead picked up this little beauty! The photo below does a great job at showing it off! I also have that MK watch, so I am super pumped to recreate this look! SO, I have some return-remorse, but my galpals Paige and Heather are encouraging me to re-buy — what are girlfriends for, right? :)

image via my pinterest


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