The Leather Look

It’s back. I don’t really remember when it was last as popular as it is now, but leather shorts/leggings/sleeves/tops/sheath dresses/jackets are hot hot hot! :) I’ve seen countless inspiring fall fashion photos that make me want to invest in all of the above leather options! So far, I just have a cute pair of “waxed” leather shorts by J.Brand (they look JUST like these) that I picked up at Off 5th for less than $50. Style on a budget! I love that you can mix the leather with whatever other textures you like :) Here are some outfits inspiring me! Side note: still loving my Zara Sequin Clutch – every time I see it photographed I’m so happy I got it in NYC!


via Trendy Taste

via Sincerely Jules

via See Jane

via Cheetah is the New Black

via Atlantic – Pacific 

via Teal Cheesecake




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  1. i bought a pair of leather leggings last year and i can’t wait for cooler temps so that I can pull them back out. but, i’m thinking i need a few more pieces to add to my wardrobe! a little leather detailing never hurt :-)

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