locks of love

No, I’m not donating all my hair. I haven’t had enough hair to donate in over 9 years – but compliments to those who do take the plunge! I’m talking about locks I love on others – and how do I make that happen on my own head!! On Wednesday I’m going to a new hair stylist here in Charlotte and hoping for a great outcome! If you read my fun About Me section here on Suttonrowe, you’ll see that I define perfect hair as a mix of browns and blondes. These are the inspiration images I will be taking with me — I want some sort of ombre going on, but every time I tell a stylist this I am either a) talked out of it or b) no ombre occurs. Hoping this highly recommended stylist pulls it off!

On a separate note, I had my first reading EVER with a psychic last night with a fun group of girls. We were all told LOTS of interesting things – but apparently Wednesday is my “power day” and my “power number” is 4. My hair appointment is on Wednesday and to hit the ball out of the park I plan to show 4 Pinterest images. Now I’m off to eat more Alkaline foods because apparently if I don’t, my (already) acidic pH in my body will become disease ridden and cause me to bear no children. (WHAT!) Cheers to my great psychic reading! ;)

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image via

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